What We Can Do For You, The Seller.

Drake Realty has vast experience in selling homes throughout the Atlanta area. We are familiar with the market and its trends. Our goal is to get top price for every listing we have. We are successful with this goal because of the way we approach our listings.

We want, you, the seller, to get the most money possible for your property. This does not happen by just guessing. It takes good research and analysis to determine the correct listing price which ensures a timely sale.

We will do a thorough market analysis of your property prior to our first meeting. We will help you set a competitive listing price. We can do this with confidence because prior to the meeting our research includes:

  • What has sold
  • What is currently on the market
  • What has been on the market and did not sell
  • What was pulled from the market prior to selling
  • And other factors which effect the real estate market

Drake Realty Does Not Have A Set Commission Structure

  • Our commission is determined on an individual basis.
  • Our agents are truly independent--commissions do not have to be approved prior to signing a listing agreement with a seller.
  • When you pair up with Drake Realty, you can be assured that your agent is working for your best interest at heart!

Why Use A Drake Realty Professional?

Many sellers try to sell their homes without a real estate agent. Experience in the current market is worth more than any real estate commission you will pay. With our changing market, many new and innovative ideas are brought into the real estate contract. Without staying current on market trends, homeowners can find themselves at a disadvantage when signing the contract. Homeowners find themselves giving up more than anticipated at the closing table because of the way the contract is written, or a special stipulation inserted into the contract. We will present contracts with the bottom line clearly identified. We do not want our clients leaving the closing table disappointed.

Drake Realty Home Selling Process

  • We will meet with you to go over your property and determine a listing price for your home.
  • We will help you understand the market analysis to make sure your home is listed at its top price and not too low.
  • We will list your home in the Multiple Listing Services to assure maximum exposure, as well as, on the internet at Realtor.com.
  • We will advertise your home through many mediums and will continuously re-evaluate our process to assure we are maximizing the exposure.
  • We seek feedback from other agents who have shown your home and will follow-up with everyone looking at your home.

Once a Contract is Signed... the Negotiations Begin!

  • Drake Realty will work hard to get the highest dollar for your home.
  • We will insist upon verification of the buyer's qualifications so no wasted time on an unqualified buyer.
  • We do not consider any parts of the contract as standard. All parts of the contract are negotiable.
  • Many agents will submit contracts at the price you are asking but include special stipulations, which could cost you thousands. We will go through the contract with you carefully so all issues and their financial impact are understood.

Once a Contract is Accepted - We Will Keep You Informed.

  • Lack of information is the most frustrating thing for sellers once they have accepted a contract.
  • We will maintain contact with the buyer and their agent to make sure the process is moving along.
  • We will keep you updated regularly so you always know what is happening with the contract.

Our Goal is an Uneventful Closing.

  • Drake Realty wants no surprises at the closing table.
  • We will provide you with all necessary information to prepare you so your closing is smooth.