Drake Realty Helps You Buy The Right Property

  • Ask then how many homes they have sold for other people.
  • Then, ask them how many real estate transactions they have made as an individual in the business.
  • Ask them about the last time they sat at the closing table, with a knot in their stomach, wondering if they were buying the right real estate.

When you have the answers to these questions you will know whether you are dealing with an agent who knows real estate and lives real estate or with someone who just shows homes.

Buyer's Broker

A buyer's broker represents the buyer, not the seller. A buyer's broker is not just for the novice buyer but for the experienced homebuyer as well. At Drake Realty we will work for your benefit first and foremost.

We will research comparable sales before any contract is presented to the seller. We have access to tax records, past home sales, current homes on the market, the past listing history of homes, and additional information. Our goal is to help you obtain the home you want at a value.

Don't be fooled by thinking that the buyer can save thousands of dollars by avoiding real estate commission. A buyer is not obligated to pay a commission--the seller is. Any commission saved historically goes into the seller's pocketbook. When you pair up with Drake Realty, you can be assured that your agent is working for your best interest!

Drake Realty Home Buying Process

  • We will provide you with a list of homes meeting the criteria you provide us.
  • We continuously re-define this list based on your reaction to the homes we view. We know that once you begin to look at properties, your preferences may change.
  • We assist buyers in narrowing their search criteria to assure they get the home that they want.
  • Many agents have time limits they work within. When they feel they have reached this time limit, they begin to push homes, which do not totally meet the buyers needs. Be assured Drake Realty does not work this way--we work to secure the home which meets all of your needs.

Once You Have Found Your Home

  • We will research the area before any contract is written to ensure you make an appropriate offer. We do not want you to pay more than you should for any home.
  • We will walk you through the entire contract so you understand each area of the contract.
  • We will answer any questions for you and we will not push you to conform to what is considered standard in real estate contracts.
  • Drake Realty is not a standard Real Estate company!

Negotiation of the Contract

  • Once your contract is submitted the negotiations begin.
  • We fight for your contract to be accepted.
  • We will stay in constant communication with you so you know what is happening and you are not left out of the loop.
  • We don't make any moves without your approval.
  • Your interests are paramount during the contract negotiation.
  • There are many items that are negotiable and commonly overlooked in the home buying process--we will not let that happen to you!!

Once the Contract is Accepted

  • We will help you keep track of the details.
  • We will help you understand the home inspection process.
  • We will help you work with the mortgage company, and any others involved in the process.
  • You will not be forgotten during this period.

The Closing

  • We will be with you during the closing process.
  • Drake Realty will also be there after you are settled in your home and years later when you are ready to sell your home and start the buying process all over.